How to become a part of the Illuminati


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How to become a part of the Illuminati. It’s very easy and 100% safe and secure.

Joining the illuminati

You should be beyond 21 years old to settle on your own choice.

You should have a solid faith in Success.

You should have the option to keep quiet.

You should accept that cash is power.

You should know that your name sounds on the rundown of VIPs and super-rich.

You should have the objectives and wants you had always wanted throughout everyday life.

You should have the option to peruse/regard/comprehend the supplications of the Illuminati.

You should have a target joining the general public.

How to become a part of the Illuminati

If you have read everything and decide to join the brotherhood, kindly follow the steps below;

Contact us by filling the form on the join page or WhatsApp the initiation master using the number at the site
The initiation master will forward a membership form to you by email or WhatsApp. Make sure you fill it out clearly and return it so that it will be submitted to the Grand Master for confirmation
The Grand Master will contact you directly within two days to confirm whether your application is successful or not.

Note that no individual has any influence over the decision.

Successful candidates should pay an inception charge which is otherwise called the Molanta of Genesis or the beginning of progress which says in the Red book Ox-75 that nothing brings nothing while at the same time something goes for something.

For effective candidates, the bosses will plan a date for your establishment function and on the establishment date, we will go to your country for certain individuals including your initiator for your establishment.

Your enrollment card will be worked with and given to you following your installment has been affirmed so you will introduce it to our representatives prior to approaching the establishment ground.


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